Our ultimate goal is to build a residential facility for people with medical frailties, rare syndromes and severe seizure disorders.   In this area we have a lot of children and adults that are in need of care that requires a nursing service such as a nurse or home health aide.   Where can families place a loved one when he/she gets too big to handle or when the parent’s are deceased?    A lot of families face this dilemma.  It is a real problem.  There are no facilities in this area.  The only place a parent can send their special needs loved one is a nursing home for the elderly or a renovated house that has been made into a group home.  These homes are not equipped for medical frailties.  They do not provide 24 hour individualized care.  They provide care to the mentally disabled that get intermittent supervision at best.  Some of these cases are relocated hours away from family and friends.  These are not choices parents should have to make.

The facility we want to build will have residential rooms (15-20 rooms) for permanent living and some rooms for respite care to enable families that want to keep their loved one at home but need a break to re-group.  Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy will take place on site.   A warm water indoor pool for physical therapy is a must.  It will include a family room with big screen TV’s, games, toys and fish tanks.  A kitchen big enough to accommodate the residents and laundering service will be provided on site.   We would like this center to be built in an area with enough land to accommodate walking trails, gardens and a picnic area plus have room to expand.   Realistically speaking, ten acres or more would be needed.

If anyone is interested in helping us achieve this goal please contact us at 570-971-6175.  We have a special needs lawyer who can answer any questions or concerns.  We have others in the community willing to assist us; however, our fundraisers can’t fully fund this endeavor.

  • A center is needed desperately in Central Pennsylvania.  Why not build it here?  We have so many children in the surrounding counties with medical frailties.   St. Joseph’s center in Scranton is a very old building. Its location is on a city street with no grass and currently has a waiting list.
  • This center will create jobs.
  • State, Federal and Private funding combined with fundraisers and grants will generate the money needed to operate the facility.
  • Every dollar spent on operations, supplies and personnel generates additional money for the state’s overall economy.
  • Central Pennsylvania has three colleges that concentrate on nursing; Bloomsburg, Lock Haven and Penn College.   We also have two local agencies that provide a nursing service, Bayada Nurses and Interim Health Care.



Our Ultimate Goal